Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Eirian Chronicles
Book One: Broken Ties
Author J.E.D
Copyright 2004 by J.E.D, as Common Law Literary Property.


The time is 2552 A.T, After Technology. The world is unlike anything anyone has ever known.
In 2500 A.D. there was a massive, worldwide regression, brought about by economic failure, at least that’s what my father said. 2504 brought about the failure of technology.
Our elders often refer to 2514 A.T. as the “receding times”, as that’s when the oceans began to recede, a cause of the sun expanding bringing about a change in Earth’s atmosphere.
Because of all the pollutants forced upon the air, our world reacted by covering parts of herself with multiple climates. If I began a journey in the forest, I would most likely pass through desert, savannah, marsh, and swamp before finishing, even though I stayed in the same state.
Father told me people degenerated to “old” traditions, yet they seem normal to me. Many of us choose to live in large, migrating groups, or tribes, while others established small towns, like the Taureen’s to the south. Transportation is largely by horse, though oxen and cattle are often used for long distances pulling carts.
Widdowa says that the massive shift of reliance on technology to the equivalent of the “Dark Ages” forced people to use more of their brains and bodies. This caused mutation in the DNA of humans. Some call it a cause of the pollutants and some just a natural progression.
Magic, once seen as folklore, is now proven to be real. “Normal” humans are performing abnormal acts of magic. Healers, like myself and Widdowa, and Mages, are held in the highest acclaim.
For the people of planet Earth, fantasy has become reality.

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